About Us

At Learning Seeds, we believe:

  1. All kids are smart– though they learn at their own pace
  2. All kids learn best when they are having fun
  3. All kids deserve the chance to reach their full potential

About Learning Seeds:

We are a highly rated after-school learning center in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. We are led by professional educators and we build a strong foundation for our learners in their early stages.
Through our various courses, we focus on:-
1. Good reading skills
2. Phonic sounds & Spellings
3. Problem-solving & analytical abilities
4. Math & Science mastery
5. Creative & Leadership skills
We encourage ‘learning without burden’ as we totally understand the psychology of our learners and their needs. Hence, we go the extra mile to ensure our sessions are engaging, interactive, and fun.

Learning seeds was established in 2015, by the Delhi School of Economics and XLRI alumni. Overall, we provide a happy and healthy environment with a multi-sensory approach towards learning.

Why Learning Seeds?


We promote & enhance creative thinking, problem-solving, analytical abilities & leadership skills.


Learn through play
Kids grasp easily while performing it through some activities, hence creating a fun environment.


Ahead of school
We provide learning experiences through different methods according to individual needs


Teaching as per latest reseach
We update our teaching methods as per latest research in education.

Kids at Learning seeds!

Our Team:

Bhumika Seth
(Educator & Founder)

M.A.- Delhi School of Economics; CTET, B.EL.ED- Gargi College,

Bhumika Learning Seeds
Bhumika has 9 years of experience as a teacher trainer, author & curriculum developer. She is trained in child psychology, theatre, storytelling, poetry among others. Teaching is her passion and she ensures she brings quality to every class.

Bhavana Singh

B.Ed., B.Com., 20+ years of teaching experience

Bhavana has extensive teaching experience. She is extremely creative and complements her classes with engaging storytelling, craft & activities. She has exceptional class management skills; she loves teaching and engages her class effectively

Ms Ashu

B.Sc.(Human development); Pursuing M.Sc.- (Counselling)

Riya is an English language expert. She is proficient in Human Development & Child Counselling. She is passionate, empathetic and has good class management skills. She believes in providing experiential learning instead of textbook learning to kids.

Akanksha Nanhet
(Content Manager)

B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering (Panjab University)

Akanksha is dedicated to providing exclusive content for parents. She loves reading and studying new technologies in her field. She always ensures the write-ups are useful & informative for the readers.