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Make your child understand ‘phonics’ from these top YouTube videos.

Understand the two step phonics approach to make your child a fluent reader in their early stages. A list of top 7 YouTube videos to learn Phonics.

Do you frequently search for ‘fluent reading through phonics’? We’ve made your work super easy by serving the best videos on YouTube which will definitely help you and your kid.

Here is a proper guide on how to make your child a fluent reader in their early stages. But first, go through these short key points and you’re ready to make your child learn!

What is ‘phonics’?

Phonics is the relationship between sounds and their spellings. Understanding phonics helps a child sound out the letters. Phonics along with storytelling enables kids to start a journey of becoming a fluent reader.

Phonic sounds of different letters.

Two-step process!

You just need to follow these two steps to help the child conquer their reading skills.

  1. Phonics: Introduce the child to the sounds represented by different letters. For example: ‘T’ represents the sound of ‘ttt’.
  2. Blending: As soon as the child becomes good with phonics sounds, make him/her understand the blending of phonics. For example, the sound of letters R-A-T when blended together make the word RAT as shown below.

Top 7 YouTube videos to learn Phonics.

This video introduces ‘phonics’.
It helps understand key aspects like ‘blending’, ‘phonemes’, and ‘tricky words’.
Source: Oxford Owl- learning from home

Does your child like to learn with music? Here it is! This phonics song will make it easier for your child to remember how to pronounce the letters and sounds. 
Source: The KidsTV123
Patty Primary Song videos are very interactive, clear and enjoyable for kids.
The sounds of every letter are taught repetitively and loudly, hence making it easier to learn.
Source: Patty Primary Songs

One of our favourite, In this video, every letter is sounded out very clearly to avoid confusion. This is exciting and fun-learning.
Source: RockN’Learn

This video is a combination of learning through rhymes and phonics.
Sometimes, we need to repeat our phrases to convey a correct message to younger kids.
Source: RockN’Learn

This video comes with two animations per alphabet, which makes the learner understand through different visuals.
The song used in this video is pleasing to the ears which makes it more attractive to the kids.

Source: ChuChuTV

Children usually love to sing along and learn.
This phonics song by ‘Hooplakidz’ is an easy way to make them understand the concepts, also they will never forget the catchy tune!

We hope you were able to make your kid understand all about phonics. Comment us below and let us know what did your kids learn today?

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