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Is your child reversing the letters?

Mirror Writing is common for letters ‘b’ and ‘d’ or ‘p’ and ‘q’.

Reversing letters, words, numbers and sentences are also known as mirror writing . Mirror writing is normal in the development for children between the ages of 3-7 years.
Help your child in correcting mirror images by following these fun methods.

Teaching letter in different groups

Teach child letters in different groups like c, d, g, o, q and t, l, f, h,b.  Here, b and d are not in the same group so the chances of making mistakes will be less. You can do it with any letters or numbers that the child gets confused with.

c before the d

c comes before d

Show them that they start out making a cwhich turns into a d.   You can say that “c the d” or “start with a c to make a d.”

Make a bed with hands

Difference between b and d

Make a word bed with hands and tell the child that b comes first and d later just as the word bed.

Focus on mouth

b and d mouth trick

When we says b, our lips begin in a straight line. But when you say letter d, your lips are open. Similarly for letters p and q .

Fun learning

Tell the child letter b has a bat and ball and letter d has a drum and a stick . You can do it with other letters too. For p and q, p: p has a prince and q: queen.

One at a time

How to Fix Letter Reversals

Work on one letter or number at a time. When your child has made progress with that letter then move on.

Air writing

Air Writing

Air writing is simple: using the dominant hand, the child uses his/her entire arm to write letters in the air as s/he says the sound of the letter.

Use tactile surfaces

Use surfaces like sandpaper, fluffy fur fabric, carpet fabric and cut a big shape of that letter or number. Whenever the child run his/her fingers on the shape they will find easy to remember.

We hope these fun methods will help your child in correcting mirror images. Comment us below and let us know what did your kid learn today?

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